Unboxing MacBook Pro 13in + New Business

Unboxing MacBook Pro 13in + New Business

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Hey yall….
I know its been so long since I have been gone but GIRL I AM BACK OKURRR!
So I finally got a new Mac Book Pro 13inch and I am so excited yall!!!
Ramen noodles for the next few weeks 😭 but that’s okay.

Also I am officially a business owner!!!!
I want to share my experience with starting a business so if you are interested please SUBSCRIBE as I will be posting some business vlogs.

Xoxo 💕

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what's up y'all I know it's been such a long time that I have been away from you two but you know what it's okay because I am back and I am better today I'm gonna be talking about my new baby that I just got my MacBook Pro that I am so thankful for like I feel like I've been waiting forever to get this I'm just so happy that I finally have it now like I just feel like my necklace is like to make me so much money like thumbs-up below if you feel like your breakfast it's gonna make you it's gonna make you a lot of money or it has made you of a lot of money I just felt like this little baby is so powerful like I will be a fool now did he make its own calling not be my calling so anyways I'm so in love with my baby I just got her oh she's so fast like she's just I have no complaints okay oh and by the way I'm gonna insert a clip of me unboxing my macbook so that way you guys can see what I see and we can see it together okay I did get my MacBook from brandsmart and it was on sale for 1107 we've got $1.99 taxes came out to be like oh I know I don't know what it was whatever it was we just paid that um it was on sale how I was able to get it for that price so yeah stay tools for that video so next I want to talk about my new project that I'm gonna be starting sis can you just tell my whole energy just shift it like every time I talk about this I just did well I want to talk about my new project that I'm starting which is my new business it's gonna be my clothing line that I'm starting and I'm just really excited to start this clothing line I really feel so passionate about this and while I feel this passion and this energy and this drive I want to just manifest and create and just work and just keep the energy going until like the energy just won't don't stop and I just hope that it doesn't stop I'm praying on it I just have a real good feeling I've been seeing a lot of angel members lately if you guys know angel members are leave a comment below leave some positive feedback about that I've been seeing a lot of like angel numbers double numbers ever since I started this whole business thing so it just made me feel like I'm like on the right path you know with this because I'm just so passionate about this song um I definitely want to share this journey with you guys me starting this business it's online or whatever in store clothing whatever I'm just starting my whole clothing brand and I wanna share that with you guys and I want to hopefully inspire somebody else who may be feeling like I don't know if I should do this I don't know if I have enough money marat musin Wrong Kazuto I'm still gonna suck this business and it is what it is um I have a new computer now I feel like I'm blessed with a new computer and that's gonna help me to be able to set out content because now I have something reliable that I can edit videos on and put my videos and put content out there for you guys to see like I'm doing this for me and I'm doing this for you I hope you guys like this video please like comment subscribe subscribe because I'm bout to be putting out so much videos since like we've got to get this money together hot girls summer baby girl what are you doin it city boys for the L City girls for the W voila the wait is finally over I have my macbook pro that I'm about to open up I don't even want to touch it y'all my life my whole life is about to be in this like then it is I would say it's pretty light you got some weight to it but it's pretty light Oh beautiful oh it's face braid and it's funny because I could have sworn I asked him for Space Gray at first and he told me that it wasn't available I don't think I asked for silver but whatever the charger with the little box is heavy ass box you're like knock somebody in the head with this old envelope which I'm sure y'all already know about and then finish stickers we bout to open this laptop my phone is going crazy right now I don't know why you got to get it poppin so i'ma leave these out cuz these are essential and I'm gonna need them he's and it has a headphone jack there and two USB ports right there so this will do for now alright so I'm going to set up this bad boy and I'll be back I chose the dark mode all right I see all my phone notifications is coming up on the screen oh yeah this is it y'all

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