Unboxing MacBook Pro (gone wrong) I CUT MYSELF *OW*

Unboxing MacBook Pro (gone wrong) I CUT MYSELF *OW*

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I decided to record myself unboxing my first ever MacBook Pro AND THIS HAPPENED. I hope you enjoy the video, have a great day!

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oh okay oh I actually only gotta cut myself [Applause] hi everyone my name is Adela Flemming and welcome back to my channel if you're new here please go ahead and give it a big sips okay the thumbs so fake this is my first Mac laptop ever I've been wanting one for the longest time so I'm very excited to be opening it in front of you guys and sherry a lot goes so I got here two days before the actual tea I kept putting it off to the side I didn't look good or if I get home and I want to take a nap I take it off because I don't like sleeping with my makeup on whenever I'm gonna be like oh it's time to film it but I've no I cap on and I'm just tired of that I want to use my laptop already sorry if I sound manly getting kind of sick I have I think it's a cool don't be mean in the comments you know and like you're used to seeing someone with makeup and then you see them without makeup they ask you like yeah we really like stress or not stressed but everybody busy with you know homework school life and that's pretty much SIA been getting a lot of sleep like that has made me sick okay so I have a question for you guys I keep like buying memory cards I'll take a lot of pictures and video and then it runs out they buy a new one and it's getting pretty pricey so what do you guys do transfer everything from like the memory card to that storage device and then delete everything from that memory card reuse it or do you would just go out and buy a new one because that's what I've been doing I feel like there's one other solution I looked up videos on YouTube and I couldn't find anything with my particular question so let me know please I really wouldn't appreciate that's so so much so please let me know in the comments if you hold my sister's I'm ready I'm ready to open up the boxes Oh homeless myself I'm so excited to finally open this back it's been ever like three days and I want to lose it already so I'm just so excited alright let's get started hope you guys enjoy and if you do like it please give it a big thumbs up and subscribe to my channel this is so long I didn't expect this should I do the big let me get the big one out first it's the big box so I don't want to show my interest I will be showing that oh to be careful with this you don't want to cut yourself oh oh okay oh I actually only gotta cut myself can you see that oh my I was just talking about how to be careful with this scissors can you see this ow oh it really hurts actually getting so bad I'll be back Oh I know what you're thinking I know it's like not the right size it's for like your knee but it's the only thing I could find I know who I look like the Grinch but guys I don't know if you all have seen like that carpool karaoke I and there's like this one with ended with ariana grande and she like cut her hand remember like before she hosted actually like carpool karaoke she had hosted like the baggage I actually feel like her right not like I know I'm obviously not ariana grande but this is like what happened like I swear I did not do it on purpose I mean some people do for like clickbait but no I had no intention of this happening this has never happened to me before so yeah be careful with scissors this is the first time I ever opened something like on camera I guess it was nervous or something I don't know that slipped and you can see the blood like through the Bundy anyway let's get to the good stuff what we're here for I'm excited don't eat that not anymore can you see this all righty oh my gosh oh my gosh I see it I see it oh it blew I almost dropped here she is bro okay Maura Zurs it's not that bad it wasn't stuff I could have divorced like my injury I can't even breathe right other than sick this peel-off okay face cream bottle alright that's that there she is of course the charger you know what let me show you the settings and everything so it'll be a little journey for us I also bought the three-year insurance plan and you always gonna be sandy stops working or something you ship it back the USB type-c to a adapter this model doesn't have a USB input it only has two on the sides and the headphones one on the other side I knew you were educated on that because I wish that it would have stayed as like the older models I heard they're like – 2015 mac laptop was like the one to get and then it was really hard to find now because have your input even though it's a little slower I'm rambling right now but yeah I got this I hope it fits for like a USB if I want to like plug in my camera that way I can ask for photos and videos I'm getting a call right now oh my god know who've it is that's so cool I actually got like a FaceTime bolt but I saw it on my phone and on my laptop so I can FaceTime on here – that's awesome I was like whoa like I saw myself on both screens like my phone and the laptop that was pretty cool I heard that those geeks are pretty good at ground solution I have any pictures yet so I don't know about that but we'll see how that thing I bought is a face you want to make sure they send Sally oh it's the 2015 model with them and I think this is the 2018 model I don't know if this is the one that I needed Oh No if it doesn't fit I'm gonna be sad we'll see should I just gonna rip it open just sit oh the sides like I said the inputs are different than the older bottles will not display I thought it would fit obviously not you know the 2015 laptop is bigger than the case isn't gonna fit saw like 13 inches I was like oh it's 13 it'll fit perfect you into that I'm gonna have to return it anyway that's all that I have to share with you guys I hope you enjoyed this video I'll be like let me know if you like this video if you're still watching let me know please in the comments I would really appreciate it and I'll see you guys in my next video thank you so much for watching bye

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  1. Katherine Grace

    Hey Adela! I miss you so much! DJ and I love your videos ๐Ÿ™‚ Heโ€™s so impressed by them! You should do song covers too! You have an amazing voice ๐Ÿ™‚

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