Unity Tutorial: The Basics (For Beginners)

Unity Tutorial: The Basics (For Beginners)

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This video is a Unity 3D tutorial to teach basics of Unity, to get beginners started with the software.
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Before the coding, before the multiplayer implementation, before the networking, before the optimization, before the graphics, if you’re a beginner, it’s vital that you are 100% comfortable with the engine you are using to build your game. Therefore I created a Unity3D tutorial, mainly directed for the beginner audience. In under 12 minutes, you will learn all the unity basics, from interface, to creating the world in which the player will play in! I tried to make this tutorial as simple and appealing as possible. I hope this helps all the beginners out there 🙂

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hey guys this is mr. ninja boy and if you are a brand-new user of the unity3d software this is the best tutorial for you I'm going to teach you all the essentials needed before you start making your own game and this is basically for beginners and for people that are coming back to the software that having me use in their walk so I'm going to teach you all essentials from the interface to importing your models and all the essentials needed before you start your own game so let's get started so before you get started I just want to let you guys know I made a brand new form called unity ninja basically what this is is it's a forum dedicated to answer your questions if you guys need help and it's a general community forum where you know you can post your progress in your game your should in the project showcase you can this is where I answer questions for tutorials um and also the most important part the resources so I want to be including free resources on this to toe and on this up on this forum and yeah so it's also community forum so other people post their own resources and it's a really good forum I recommend you check it out you can get a lot of it so let's get start with a toriel so when you first start up unity you're going to see something called angry bots and this is basically a game that shows the capabilities of unity3d and it's made by Unity themselves well we're going to skip this and create our own project and this is the first step of creating your own game so we're gonna go to file new project so you can name it whatever you want and alright so first of all if you want a game we have to create a sync because we it without a scene we don't really have a game so let's go to file new scene or yeah save scene ass and then when you pressed a scene as your save it as whatever you want and save it under your assets folder so press save and there you go so now we have a scene and I'm going to teach you guys the interface and this is very important that you guys fluently know the interface of unity3d before you create your game first off there's a lot of tabs in unity and the first one is her rectory and this basically what you have in game and next to that we have the scene tab and the game tab and these are very different the scene tab is basically the in-game editor you edit your map you can move objects around in the game this is basically the editor of the game itself and the game tab is basically what you see when you're playing the game it's a perspective of the game and this is the perspective of wherever you are you're basically god you're the god of the game yeah these are very important um you know the difference between them and yeah so now for the interface itself for moving for scrolling and you can scroll in and out use your scroll you just scroll in and out you know you know how to scroll in use your mouse next is to pan around ooh you click on this hand and you can just pan around and if you want to move in 360 degrees you right click on your mouse and you can combine this with the pan around and you can easily get around objects and yeah so next thing is the selection tool you can press the selection tool and then click unbent by the way make sure you're on the scene if you want to do all this so press the selection tool and then click on any object you want in your game all we have this is the cube for now but you can move it around up and down off all the axes X Y Z and yeah so next tool is the rotation tool and you can rotate any object make sure you select it first if it's like this then you just select the object itself you want to rotate and yeah you can just rotate it however you want and the next object the next and the last um tool is the scale tool and this you can scale the object into X Y Z all the axes and yeah so this is basically all you need to know for interface in unity 3d so now I'm going to show you guys how to import unique packages and these are basically assets for your game to make it better answer game and for example add a first-person controller without this you don't really have a game so we're going to go to assets import package character controller so this is the first package we're going to import and then we're going to click import one this window pops up and just wait till it imports you're going to notice a folder that pops up it's called assets you can open that and as you can see this is the character controller that we imported so we're going to import another one called terrain assets and then you click on that and it imports it so so once you're done importing all three the skyboxes the terrain assets and the character controller we're going to go back to the assets folder we're going to double-click the the scene that we made and press don't save so this is basically the saved scene now so we're going to go to now we can finally create a terrain so I'm going to teach you guys how to make the surrounding and the terrain of the player so we're going to go to game object create other terrain so once we've done that as you can see here you got a simple um terrain and it's flat but we can add mountains and make it my Mon taneous and make it more realistic so again we're going to do a selection tool I can taught you an interface click on it and as you can see here to the right and the inspector tab um there's this there's all these tools that that you can edit the terrain with but first of all we're going to click on this one which is the first one which is the raising and lowering of the terrain so you can there's a lot of brushes that you can use but I'm going to use this one for now on crease the brush size and just make mountains it's actually really simple um making trains is pretty fun and unity and it's very very simple no modelling needed nothing like that so once we're done with the train we want to add a texture to it so make it more realistic so let's click on it and go to this brush tool and press edit texture add texture so once this window pops up press select and find the texture that you want and yeah there's a texture and that came in the package that we imported so press add and there you go so it automatically adds it to the terrain itself so now we're going to add a directional light to the game because as you can see the game is a little dark so we're going to go to game object create other directional light so there it is press on that and uh yeah there you go so as you can see the game is a little brighter and you can increase the intensity of it and yeah I think that's good for now all right so now let's add a skybox as you can see here we don't have a scub skybox right now and it's great this guy's great so that's not really realistic so let's go to edit render settings and skybox material should be right here so once you see skybox material go to the right and click on that little circle with the diamond with a dot in the middle and find a skybox so we want this one and there you go so it's much more realistic right now alright so now let's add a player into the game this is really exciting this is actually when we bring our D in to life and it actually has you can actually play the game itself so let's go to this assets and then standard assets and then character controller so you can also go to the search bar and search our first-person controller and yeah so this is basically what we imported when we went to game object or assets import package and yeah so we're going to drag this into the scene and yeah so once you got it there you can zoom in by pressing F and we got a really really close up of the the player so let's put the player above the ground make sure this is very important make sure the player is always above the ground or else it's okay he's gonna sink through the map so once we've got that we can actually click on the game and the as you can see this is the game perspective so um if you have a main camera here you can delete that because we're not going to be using that and uh because we already have a main camera for the player itself so if you want to go into play mode and actually test the game at any time you can press this play button up here so as you can see this is play mode and yeah there we go so this is our very simple game if you press W the player goes forward forward this is a simple movements of a player right so this is the final thing I'm going to show you guys in this tutorial and this is importing your own stuff this can be a 3d model a script a texture etc but yeah I want to show you how to do it so you go to assets import app new asset and when it goes to this it you have to locate your file so I have it on my desktop here so open the file that you want and I believe for 3d models unity supports obj and FBX files I'm not sure if it supports any other so we're going to click import and it's going to import it just like it imports any other file so we have our 3d model file here and now I'm going to import the textures of the file so I'm going to I'm going to assets import new asset and locate the file that I want so finished importing all my model and my texture so now if you want to add the model to the scene you just literally drag it onto the scene it's as simple as that so now I'm gonna rescale it like I showed you in the interface tutorial so yeah now that I scaled it I am gonna bring it down to the ground so it actually touches the ground and this is all from the interface stuff that I showed you guys so now I'm going to add a texture itself to the house so once it's selected you can select it again or double click it and it comes with this you can assign texture sport so you literally just have to drag the textures onto you know the model itself so it's pretty simple on that's definitely not the texture for it it's probably this one yeah there we go so for now I'm not going to reassign all every single texture I'm just showing you guys how to do it and if you want for example to give it a specular kind of a shiny look to it you can click it again and go to this the shader and go to there's a lot of settings you can do but I'm gonna do specular for now so yeah it gives it kind of like a shiny effect so if we play if you press play mode you can see our 3d model that we've just added alright so that is pretty much it for the basics tutorial and if you guys want to learn how to make a first-person shooter game community check out my series I made I made six videos on it how to make a FPS game in unity it's a really good series I worked on in it just I provide you guys with free scripts and free everything just check it out it's really um to get you guys started in making an FBS D if you'd like to make one and definitely check out my form if you guys want three resources contact new developers you know you can see team members to really get form I'm trying to throw it and expand my form itself and yeah so thanks for watching video see you guys next time

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  1. RickOShay

    Since the vast majority of the gaming world use consoles and PC at the higher end – would you recommend using a PC for the development platform. And then publish to PC and PS4 Xbox? I can see you use a mac so hopefully you can give me an unbiased response 🙂

  2. Artistic Minds

    if you speak Italian, I wrote this guide for those who want to learn C # programming on Unity. For those who start from scratch, but not only… :p
    All free, forever.
    I hope it can help those who want to learn how to use this wonderful tool.

  3. DARTHeeek

    Is it really that clunky with rotating around an object? Is it not like inventor or autocad with ‘Shift Centre Click?’

  4. Nik Rogers

    As a newb I ask one question , in unity where is the export tab , not export package ,no , FBX , there is no export tab so how do you export . Listen where is the option to export I redownloaded , installed and done it all with fbx exporter , so Im missing something right , tell me what .

  5. rias

    Would you be willing to create a tutorial like this but with a unity 2018 ? Many things that you mention are not present in this version?

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