Using a Hacked Bop-It to Fix Hawaii's Missile System

Using a Hacked Bop-It to Fix Hawaii's Missile System

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Stupid Filipino child makes fun of the state of Hawaii for 9 minutes.

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oh hey you remember that false micellar thing that happened in Hawaii that was pretty funny right there was a tiny itsy-bitsy statewide nuclear missile alert so I'm sure most of you know what happened already but just to recap on January 13th 438 sweet sweet minutes everyone in the state of Hawaii were hyped that they were finally going to die maybe that was just me and you know what I know why it's because they put a gun down twelve-year-old in charge of designing the user interface why the hell does this trigger a nuclear missile warnings now as a software developer and a citizen of Hawaii I feel like it's my personal obligation to make fun of to help my community and the first thing we ought to do is fix that god-awful user interface this those are goddamn hyperlinks full years.this 2018 know no one knows what that is get that get it out of here you know what I'm doing a full top-to-bottom redesign give me my computer okay look so I finished the new user interface and you know as you can see it's it's simplified a little bit you know I've really just boiled down the most important parts here is the test button which takes up 1/3 of the window and here is math statewide panic button which also takes up 1/3 of the window it's really easy to differentiate between the two now but Michael I hear you ask doesn't increasing the size of the button heighten the chance of accidental clicking like what if they announce the sequel to the emoji movie and as a natural reaction you seize up out of excitement you hit the button boom World War 3 right none of your boy thought of this look if you click the button it asks you if you meant to click the button it's wild now this is a big step forward but I'm not super happy with the functionality like what if say you accidentally click the button and you're going to click no but then your buddy yells from outside a there's a dead body out here and me being a lifelong glow ganger I go to dab on the dead but then I accidentally click the button World War 3 oh and not everyone knows how to use a computer either so this is even shittier of a solution I really want us help the state of Hawaii though you know what we need we need something physical something that no one could possibly mess up shit that was stupid you're welcome Hawaii I just fixed your missile alert interface problem look at this you have test and you have terrify absolutely everyone button you could not possibly mess this up everything is written out in plain English my good luck automata oh good night this whatever Hrothgar gonna need neither your data alright I'm done with this I don't know why it's so difficult I'm going to bed we'll figure we'll figure this out in the morning we need something really special something that transcends languages transcends cultures you should be able to put it in front of anybody on this earth and they know how to use it instantly I just I don't know like it's me the two brain cells you have left fucking do it look how sleek it is look at how intuitive it is everyone all of you at home you know how to play pop it do not sponsor this video in any way shape or form thanks a fucking lot everyone over a Bop It but Michael how is a Bop at a missile alert interface look the controls are crystal clear you know what to do when to do it no more getting confused by that crappy UI that the state of Hawaii used to have the whole thing was way too confusing and cluttered the Bapat however is a million times easier to use hey Michael it kind of looks like you're using intense hyperbole to shit on the state of Hawaii am i I don't know yes so I've made a few changes to this regular Bapat to turn it into the best user interface of all time look at this this is the stock speaker that came inside of the bobbin no no get rid of that I slap up that subwoofer into that thing why it'd look cool I guess I also it sounds better next I wired in an aux port this is crucial because it's gonna let us transfer audio signals from the bobbitt to my computer to trigger things and last but absolutely most important I wired an on/off switch because this thing is so goddamn annoying boom but Michael how does your computer know what's going on inside the Moffitt well first off you're all impatient pieces of shit and I hate you all but to uh to answer your question it's the part no one likes it's the part that everyone thinks is boring it's without cold without code yeah it's it's code it's code I wrote that makes it work so let's talk about that code just a little bit all right so I wrote it in c-sharp big fucking shocker there so essentially all this does is pick up on the main microphone input going to my computer and we're gonna transmit that via this handy dandy little aux port I wired to the bobbin now honestly a lot of this is just supporting code to help speech processing run more smoothly I guess the guy who recorded the sound clips for Bob it was smoking meth before he did it because even when it's hard wired directly into my computer the audio signal my computer still has trouble parsing out the words so I just got help it a little oh and also I programmed a spectrum analyzer which isn't totally boring because it's visual that's like that wavy graph kind of chart thing that reacts to sound and so here is what that looks like now I'm pretty proud of this thing I think it looks alright it is worth noting that it's not just the boPET playing out into the hair and being picked up by a microphone it's it's direct line signal to my computer and I can show you guys if I turn it off that's just the speaker off but the audio signal is still going to my computer so yeah then I can use the parse puppet signals in order to do missile defense stuff on my computer and real quick before the nerd set segment ends let's play a little game I like to call find the most disgusting snippets of code in this entire project it should not be hard Wow ding ding ding we found it it's a dynamic waveform buffer offset I wrote this comment like two weeks ago and forgot about it until now ok so what this jeez is that's all 1 index I don't program this I'm having an aneurysm but yeah what this code is doing is condensing offsetting and centering the waveform now here you can see these little lines on the side of the waveform that's all that that code is responsible for those shitty little lines cuz I thought it looked just a little bit better all right nerd shit's done that's it I don't know why cuz my computer I still need the rest of the video hello everyone welcome to missile alert training so as you know we had a slight incident recently could have sparked World War three no biggie turns out the problem was someone threw up in a bowl of cereal they thought it would make a good user interface so we're switching things over to the next great innovation and human technology is the boffin this this is dumb this is stuff the controls are so much simpler now all you gotta do is play the bobbitt if you get a score over ten then it's just a regular test missile alert but if you get a score under 10 it means you're trying to signal for an actual missile alert but why the number 10 it's the highest number I could count all right I got my Bobbit hooked up to my computer the software is all running let's send out what would have been a test alert so there you can see a detected that the score was 15 and so we didn't get an alert okay let's test it one more time just to be sure said it doesn't work that sucks ass Jesus God let's see I plan to fail on purpose there I did it on purpose cuz I wanted to show what happened when we failed but I thought it actually didn't work and the alarm system I said it was way scarier than I thought it would be at least now we know it works even better than expected so call me on state of Hawaii I can make you more because I'm gonna be giving this one away on my patreon because hey Treon is like a clamp on the open artery that is my channel all right before I end the video I have a question I was looking through some of the comments on my channel and I found a lot of people actually like the code and code tutorials explanations and stuff so there's a group of people who like code and a group of people who don't like code and I like I hate you both equally as much right so I want to piss off the largest group of people I can so I'm thinking about making a separate channel where I'd post like code tutorials and like more in depth engineering stuff on how the projects are made just it's just an idea so yeah let me know what your thoughts are in the comments or no go fuck yourself

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  1. The Wastelander260

    Not gonna lie, kinda stupid to make it a test if you go over ten many you screw up before ten and then it’s a repeat of Hawaii

  2. Robert

    You should have it as if you scream TEST the test would go off but if you scream OH FUCK HERE IT COMES the state has a seizure and panics…

  3. Dustin Wallace

    “I dont know how to transition”
    Uses guy slamming face on oven as transition.
    No, you definitely got it. Lol


    Little kid walks into middle hq sees bop it thinks it's a toy. Accidentally gets under 10. SeNdS FrEaKIN NukE

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