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Is it possible?

Ethan Thompson

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hey guys so I said I love those YouTube videos where some tech guy gets a really old piece of technology and films himself trying to use it well I want to cash in on that trend to people trying to use old phones seems to be overdone so I bought a MacBook from 2002 online and I'm gonna try to use it for a week it should be delivered tomorrow and I'm very excited to see if it could be my new daily driver I bet it will easily be I am also going to get my sister to record my use with the old MacBook and have her make sure I don't go near my current MacBook so see you tomorrow all right I have my assistant behind the camera and she'll be recording every time I use this over the back book and make sure you don't let me use my current macbook sis oh and here take my phone so I can't cheat and here's your pay and the old Mac will just came in the mail so let's unbox it I'm sure it's fine oh it's called a power book not a MacBook I'm still just gonna call it an old MacBook for more views I just finished setting it up and I'm about to connect it to Wi-Fi this week should be easy as long as it's connected to the Internet way keeps on saying that there's an error connected to our Wi-Fi network I don't understand why would a 16 year old laptop have trouble connecting to a modern Wi-Fi network that's it a computer that can't connect to the Internet is pointless can I just call this challenge quits sis fine I'll guess I'll find something else to entertain myself on this old Mac that for a week so I found some games on it they're not that fun but they help pass the time quicker see I have a game of chess open in a game I found on it called Sherlock it sounds like a fun mystery game but I think it's broken it's not letting me play and I can't see any of the game's graphics I read Sherlock zero out of ten no YouTube no Hulu no Netflix but today I found out that this old back book has a DVD drive but the only thing is I only have one DVD to watch yeah it's called Zootopia I bought it two years ago on Black Friday and I have even watched it yet oh well it's the closest thing I could get to streaming online video and I'm not expecting much from this kids movie [Applause] [Applause] ha that was a pretty decent movie I still got a lot of free time today – more play [Applause] I think I have finally gotten used to it and having no internet see I even got some work done today I'm almost finished with a new board smashing script uh it's kind of hot in here I'm going downstairs wait why did it shut off it's a laptop it should run off the battery I didn't even save the documents please still be there please still be there please still be there god damn it why did the document allsafe to iCloud ah this is ludicrous you're telling me a 16 year old battery can't hold a charge and come here come here look at this look at this do you see an SD card slot here I can't even get any video editing work done yeah guarantee it cuz supported my 4k footage I mean what do you think the power in power book means using an old matt'll for a week my ass Oh sis it's not what it looks like no sis no hard thanks for the careful delivery of its cyst try everything oh hey sis I just got done watching Zootopia for the sixth time today it's a really decent movie what do you mean this challenge is turning unhealthy for me fine you know what this is an old MacBook has iTunes so I'm just gonna listen to the CD I just bought and rip to it happy I just gotta use the bathroom now and the bathroom is a bathroom so no cameras thank God I still have my own a seed hi for shooting calm I like to order a whole body pursuit please yeah just solve utopia why do you ask alright so my current computer doesn't have a drama program on it so can I just send you a hand-drawn picture of what I want my first suit to be okay yeah that's good thanks I'll send it to you right away Oh is there a problem I'm just using this old and very useful MacBook for a week you what technically I'm using it no you tip it no hitter that Edmond King go crazy no you to handle internet and make a go crazy tell you – no internet make Engel hey see I can't take another day with this stupid old MacBook ja you keep tech nerds want to know what you can do with an old back book or any old laptop that and this a week using old technology I can't go another day without being put on suicide watch the only primitive technology I want to use is this baseball bat and this sledgehammer out there technology trashed up immediately now give me back my current MacBook thanks so what can we learn with my week from the PowerBook g4 at least I didn't have to use an Acer product so with that thank you guys for watching comment like and subscribe and I'll see you guys later bye uh not clean up this mess now oh my first arrived so if you haven't figured out yet I used a working PowerBook g4 and a broken PowerBook g4 to make this video but before I start to film I see on the working PowerBook g4 that there's a dent right here which the broken power book doesn't have if I want to make people believe that I destroyed a perfectly working PowerBook g4 I have to make them look similar so there's a dent right here so I just gotta make a dent right here and good enough now let's get to film exists

25 Replies to “USING AN OLD MACBOOK IN 2018”

  1. Jazzy

    He didn’t use it for a week, if you look when he first opens the old MacBook, the date says the 17, and look when the video was uploaded, it was also uploaded on the 17th.

  2. Xbox Pro

    I Love your vids. I watch your vids when I’m bored on my xbox one x and I watch them until 4 o’clock in the morning

  3. * Lunaleon *


  4. Tasso Demo

    “Oh it says PowerBook, I will just say MacBook to get more views” and this is why I don’t like this guy, bc he clickbaited is and he is so desperate for views

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