Voyo V3 Mini PC Review with Benchmarks, Gaming & Thermals

Voyo V3 Mini PC Review with Benchmarks, Gaming & Thermals

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Voyo V3 Mini PC Review. Full review covering, thermals, benchmarks, gaming and 4k YouTube tests. $209 from Gearbest here: with coupon GBV3 Timecodes:

02:30 – System & Config
04:29 – Benchmarks
07:29 – Gaming test (CoD,CS:GO, LoL, A8A)
15:27 – Thermals internal and external
16:08 – Browser, 4k YT and Multitasking test
21:53 – Final Thought with Pros and Cons

Specs: Atom X7 Z8700, 4GB of RAM and 128GB M2 SSD

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hi I'm Chris and welcome to my voice version 3 review so this is the latest and greatest mini PC from vo it's now updated with a full SSD in there something I didn't actually realize Adams supported it's got 128 gigabyte SSD drive and it has an atom x7z 8700 this is the same chipset we've seen in the surface 3 from Microsoft and has a new design it's quite small when you first look at it and pull it out of the box I was a little surprising just how fun and small this mini PC really is if I compare that to my mobile phone which is 5.5 inches there you can see just how tiny it is really and it has a tempered glass top we have a power button on the front now the power button is a little interesting on this one because as soon as you plug it in it will light up blue but holding it down to power on the version 3 here it doesn't actually change color which is odd so there's no way to tell whether it's on or not and plugging it in it doesn't automatically turn on like the pepo mini pcs i've reviewed and on the right side here we do have a USB 2 port so good for hooking up your mouse or something like that and on the back we see we do have now a new type-c connector that's for powering the device a mini HDMI out micro SD card slot 2 USB 3 ports there and a 3.5 millimeter headphone jack and just to go over the included accessory they've given us a mini HDMI cable and for those interested the power supply the type c1 is rated at 12 volts 2 amps there so providing plenty of power for our external hard drives if you want to plug in a 1 or 2 terabyte drive to the USB ports they work just fine there's no power issues the bottom is made out of aluminium the whole shell of it and this has been used as a rather large passive heatsink because there is no fan in here this is not an actively cooled mini PC we do have four rubber feet there so overall the design is quite nice and has a good look to it and just as I mentioned very small for what it is and the power it's actually packing inside so I'm going to go through and boot up the mini PC will run through some benchmarks gaming tests and a 4k test and just see how well there's a voyeur version three performs and whether adds a worthy upgrade or not to the version two so we have a three point seven nine gigabytes usable of ram after four so they've allocated two hundred megahertz to the GPU which is an Intel generation eight GPU that has sixteen executional cause slightly higher than the other cherry trays I normally review and this also clocks up to 2.4 gigahertz so Windows activated without any problems it first came up saying I might have to go through the phone activation but it actually just did it right in front of me activated and it all seems to be legit there no problems and I did notice if you sort my unboxing video that when I first turned it on it just went straight into a user called vo a little bit dodgy maybe because it didn't go up through that go through the usual sit-up so you didn't have to key in your user account name will set your language or anything like that it just went straight into it and they did disable the UAC for some reason I'm not too sure why I did a malware scan and virus scan of the system it came back negative there's no problems there they haven't used any cracks on the activation or anything like that because it would have already been activated – when I booted it up so just a couple of things I wanted to point out here that the RAM is definitely running in dual channel according to a 264 here and a little bit more information there on the CPU so we have a TJ Max of ninety degrees now throughout this video I am keeping a close eye on the temperatures being a passively cooled mini PC we do have to be very careful just how hot it's going to get because it will throttle and affect performance and for those interested so far after all these benchmarks I'm just about to show you 85 degrees has been the max and we have seen thermal throttling on core 1 & 2 so I ran through my usual benchmarks that I run now I could I could run through a whole list of benchmarks but these are the ones I just like to run on the atoms so we've got geek bitch three score quite quite good considering the hardware it's not a bad score at all I think that's similar to what I got on my Surface three that has the same chipset in it and by the way the Surface three also got up to 85 degrees and the ice Don 1.2 score quite a good score I storm extreme 1.2 cloud gate score one of the better scores I've actually seen also to note what I did when I ran these benchmarks as I let the system cool down between the benchmarks to not affect the results if I run the benchmarks one after another the scores will be lower than this and PC marks 7 now normally the atoms that I test out that have the atom x5 set 8300 and that they get around 2,300 2,100 points on this particular tier so that's not a bad school there one thing I did do is in under the Intel graphics properly was disabled I had a battery saving feature enabled here for gaming which is ridiculous because there's no battery in here and it's not a tablet so I disabled that it's under power so I disabled this right here having that enabled would probably lower your scores a little bit because I think what it does is lower the clocks so I'm going to move on now and do the fun part just test out a few games afterwards I'll do a quick browser test and my overall thoughts on the system and the performance just wanted to mention too that the before we go on to the gaming sorry is most importantly that SSD speed it's not bad at all now let's see m2 SSD it's the full C brand I mean for an SSD it's not the fastest at all but that is so much faster than an emmc drive that normally gets around 120 read and about 70 writes so this is much faster good for K randoms not bad at all and my micro SD card runs at full speed there I've got a Sanders 64 micro SD in the system at the moment 75 megabytes per second so just test out some games now and we'll see just how well it performs keep an eye on the top left-hand corner for the temperature and framerate of the game I'm running all right so the first tool I'm going to run is call of duty modern warfare 3 and I'm going to run it at 1280 by 720 on the lowest sittings which will just show you so we have lower settings keep an eye on the upper left hand corner there you can see the CPU one temperature and framerate so I'm just testing out a game against bots with Counter Strike global Offensive here running in 720p and if within some of the low settings which I just show you quickly so video settings everything's all on low there and we'll see how this plays and I will move on to play an online game as well so you can see that even the offline game that's running fine at this resolution with those settings no I'm on a 7l framerate seems ok not that many players on the server in moment I need to get the ball on the bone ah couldn't even shoot for some reason we gotta fund activities listen here now while I wait for the next round I'm just gonna lower the resolution see how that improves things okay huge improvement well not so huge actually it's bumped it up a little bit to about 40 now that was a bit of luck and I got snipe 'add I think we can see we can get reasonable frame rates definitely a huge step up from the Adam said 8300 set of being testing most of the time a lot smoother way bit of frame rate and now I'll test out legal edge and see how this runs I'm just going to go for a bot game what I normally do so does summoners rift okay so it doesn't take too long to load compared to the normal atom tablets that I run with the emmc drives they're quite slow so that wasn't too bad so it's running a 1280 by 800 very low settings I'm actually just going to increase this to 1080p should be able to run it with decent frame rates but we'll see what happens when all the minions spawn and there's a lot of action on the screen okay so the minions have spawned moving around the map is very fluid very quick and we keeping above 30 frames sorry 60 frames per second which is what we want whether dips down to about 38 then so there are a few dips and the frame rate but overall this is good looking like it's going to be quite playable don't forget that the CPU is also calculating the bots here so that's going to take a bit of the frame right away we're going to lose some frames per second due to that this next title here is a stall game and they'll ask I'm going to test out it's airborne so asphalt 8 airborne and I'm running it on the medium setting because I think extremes a little too demanding for this Adam excellence so let's see how it performs I'm using my xbox one controller to control this okay that game seems to be running smooth enough we'll look at the temperatures now and see just how hot the x7 is getting now we do have thermal throttling on cord two and one they're just getting quite hot I'm just going to switch now to my other camera and we'll have a look with the thermal probe to see just how the surface of the yov 3 is holding up just how warm it's getting it does feel touching it right now quite warm so 38 degrees doesn't seem to be getting any hotter than that it is warm to the touch so let's go do some multitasking right now I've just opened up the CPU memory you can see 61% I have downloaded and installed Chrome I also have edge running there were just a few tabs open so a bit of RAM use going on and in the background I do also have MSI Afterburner steam HW info they don't really use any CPU use so going to move over to YouTube and test out a 4k clip and see how well the system keeps up with that if it can stream 4k or not now I'm doing this first in edge because Chrome doesn't handle 4k YouTube at all well very slow bogs down quite choppy really so we'll try this now so 4k test clip now just turn off the audio for sound copyright reasons and crank this up from HD right up to 21 60 enable these stats this is working well there are no dropped frames connection speeds definitely keeping up with us what it all looks very good to me now we'll do the same test in YouTube I started out in YouTube and Chrome with YouTube and we'll see the difference so the CPU did peak right up there up to 100% but it was smooth there were no drop frames so when I see now how this works already I can see some choppiness okay so 2160 again enable these steps and we can see here dropped frames and it's running very poor chrome just isn't optimized for Adams Sona do a bit of multitasking here or should I say multi tabbing load up with BBC comm CNN Windows Store ah okay that wasn't very fair was that I've got that 4k video still running so I'm just running to 4k clips at the same time not a fair test at all so I'm going to close that go back to Chrome and we'll try that again okay let's try this again I don't think honestly think it's going to make much of a difference I'm struggling to actually click on the little gear over there we go okay that's a full screen and we're still getting a lot of drop frames it just doesn't run well at all so let's forget about that okay scrolling speed within Chrome again not good at all don't recommend using Chrome with an atom tablet in Windows 10 make sure you use just edged in Internet Explorer even Firefox doesn't run well at all so try that again CNN and that Scrolls loads in a lot smoother definitely than Chrome playing a little bit of catch-up there so you can do some multitasking it's just there and that just came up with an error paint open stumped and image and overall not too bad okay and those temperatures should still be around the same 86 degrees so one last thing to point out that my model actually supports a higher resolution than 1080p but because I'm screen capturing this using an external capture card by the way so it's not affecting and either performance that you're seeing here I can actually just adjust right up to 1440p which my monitor supports so I can go all the way up but it doesn't allow me because I'm going through an external elgato capture card but it runs fine you can run 4k at 30 Hertz 30 frames per second with the atom theory trails so overall the pros and cons of device I'll start out with the cons as you've seen in the video here that it gets just a little too warm it gets quite toasty to the touch around 39 degrees and the CPU one and two they're heading 86 and 85 degrees with thermal throttling isn't really good to see you're going to have to push it quite hard for that to happen now this also happened with my Microsoft Surface 3 so the cheery trails are hot chipsets so you need to bear that in mind if you're going to be gaming for an extended period it's going to get quite warm and eventually and will start to throttle down a little just to keep those temperatures from reaching the t-junction max of 90 degrees now apart from this everything else is quite good I mean the performance of it compared to other mini pcs out there with cheery trails in it this is definitely one of the faster ones because it's got the atom x7 in there higher clock slightly better GPU and overall what that SSD just removes that emmc bottleneck we normally see so very fast speeds when it comes to transferring files loading times and the overall boot time as well is very quick so rule I can recommend this little any PC I've enjoyed my time with it works quite well for what it is and the price tag it has as a relatively cheap but more powerful at MPC thanks for watching this review hopefully see you back on the channel with more up-and-coming videos

26 Replies to “Voyo V3 Mini PC Review with Benchmarks, Gaming & Thermals”

  1. TD1

    Thinking of using this as an always on media centre for my music – the main aim is so I can run my SONOS play 1 and have access to my library without turning on my 'proper' PC. I'd access the library via my mobile thus maintaining 'wireless' music access.

    Anyone run a similar setup – would this cut the mustard?

  2. Paulo Alfaiate

    Hi, nice work by the way! One question, do you made a fresh installation of windows 10, or are you using the pc with your microsoft credentials? I made virus and malware scan and it seems to be all ok. I need to use onedrive on the PC with my MSFT credentials. Do you think it is fine, or sould i make a fresh install and deal with all of that issues with drivers ? thank you and keep the good work!

  3. Eduardo Silva

    they are very good computers, i would buy one for a parentes computer, but the fact of they don't have a cooling fan kills the performance, i don't like the idea of a processor working without ventilation, aside that is a very good hardware.

  4. Ecks Gaming Benchmark

    For the YouTube video test you still had the video playing in Edge which is why there was dropped frames so really if you closed off the browser we might of seen a better test.

  5. WayBachWin

    MW3 wasn't at the lowest, you have to change the Texture settings from auto-matic to low and the texture quality from medium to low

  6. Derek Morrison

    When you did the Google video test you left the other video playing in Edge. Unless you made a cut to the video I didn't see.

  7. Hans Hoogenhuijze

    Thank you very much for the extensive review of the VOYO V3  mini computer.I bought one myself and I wander of the factory did put the clock speed correct, is in on 1.6 MHz.They advertise that they use the Z8700 (working on 2.4GHz), which would be faster than  a Z8300(working on 2.24 GHZ)  or a Z8500 (working on 1.84 GHZ).
    http://www.geekbuying.com/item/VOYO-V3-Intel-Cherry-Trail-X7-Z8700-4K-Mini-PC-Windows10-64Bit-4G-128G-2-4G-5G-Dual-Band-WiFi-Gigabit-LAN-Type-C-Bluetooth-4-0-362092.html However I also have an Ockel Sirius B Mini PC, equipped with a Atom Bay-trail Z3735F.
    I have it now for 6 month’s as a home PC and if works great.
    It is set on a speed of 1.6 GHz.I tried to compare the speed of these two PC’s and found that the VOYO, despite of the much faster processor hardly better performed.
    Then I noticed that the speed of the two PC’s where the same.I think there is a chance that the VOYO configuration is wrong and the speed should been set on 2.4 GHz.
    The performance can than have a boost of 50%, a lot.Do you think I might be right and is so, maybe you than can make a video ho to do this.

  8. Victor Mansilla

    Sorry, I have a query. I wonder if you can install any Linux distribution and RemixOS. I would buy this mini pc, but to use it for these purposes.

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