Warface - Review (PC)

Warface – Review (PC)

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We take a look at Crytek’s lightning-paced, free-to-play shooter in this review of Warface.

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hi this is Chris waters standing in for reviewer Nathan Minnie a mandatory teamwork is the glue that holds everything together in Warface Crytek's free-to-play first-person shooter whether you're hoisting a squad member up to higher ground or using a defibrillator to revive a fallen teammate a sense of camaraderie drives the intense co-op missions but beyond its spirited cooperative battles Warface just doesn't do enough to set itself apart from other military shooters pushing up to the frontlines one of war faces biggest shortcomings is its generic setup pitting the GI Joe s war face faction against the nefarious Blackwood forces the bland conflict contains few hints of any real context once the door blasts open and your squad dives from your chopper into the line of fire you mean worried about the reasons behind this contract this lack of a strong identity spills into the game's competitive multiplayer content there's a decent mix of modes on tap ranging from standard deathmatch in team deathmatch to bomb planting runs and territory capture but it's hard to shake the bin there done that vibe of these matches still the underlying action is punchy enough to keep you itching for a few more rounds a slide maneuver offers one of the few interesting aspects of war phases standard run and gun formula allowing you to blast foes in the kneecaps as you slide by it's a fun move that gets a lot of play particularly around tight corners overall combat speeds along at a blistering pace and the complex stage designs offer lots of diverse nooks and crannies to use for sneaky tactics at first glance the selection of assault medic engineer and sniper classes seems overly familiar but their strengths and weaknesses are finely tuned for teamwork each class has a unique set of abilities that plays into their role on the battlefield you're gonna be okay the assault class for example is the only one capable of dropping ammo boxes to resupply your team's dwindling bullet supply medics are the only ones who can restore health and the fact that they can revive fallen teammates is invaluable in tougher missions those classes are typical for a shooter but the impact of one team member not doing their job properly can be catastrophic this makes the co-op missions both exhilarating and frustrating to plow through war phases co-op missions are one-off Affairs that picture five person team against droves of enemy AI and more traditional campaign like stages high-risk and steady challenge make these increasingly punishing gauntlets the most heart-pounding encounters in the game once the chopper lands your crew is on its own anyone who dies and isn't revived by a medic in time is stuck on the sidelines as a spectator until someone makes it to the next checkpoint and everyone is revived this forces your crew to stick together and work as a unit which is particularly important during brutal encounters with heavy mechs and attack choppers war phases key disappointment is the shoddy way it handles the free to play elements there's a ton of sweet guns and gear to unlock as you level up but anything you buy is just a short-term loner that you have to repurchase again the timer runs out spending massive amounts of in-game currency or real money to rebuy or repair a favorite weapon you're used to wielding is a real drag since in-game currency is earned at such a slow rate you can sink some serious time into grinding away to buy a rad piece of kit only to wind up losing it after a busy day or two of gonna this really throws a wet blanket on customization which could have been an absorbing aspect of the game considering Warface is a real sharp looker that you can play for free in your web browser you might be inclined to overlook some of its minor faults the collaborative dynamic of co-op missions are the real high point here but the generic presentation and uninspired competitive combat doesn't take enough risks you've seen this game many times before and you've seen it done better

37 Replies to “Warface – Review (PC)”

  1. Moncree Brown

    I downloaded this game last week and I really enjoy playing it. It has its flaws but what game doesn't? I play this often when I need a break from playing Battlefield 1 online.

  2. Guida Figueiredo

    The only thing wrong with this fuckink games is the difficulty, Jesus its like your fighting against guns with fuckink wet sticks

  3. Anthony Di Bacco

    Yes yes all of u r right this game is very dope im hooked lol gamespot trippin but seriously its a great game

  4. Are You Dumb?

    5 years laters this game stills full of cheaters, servers are crap, comunity is toxic af! Game is dying…hopefully!

  5. Barn Star

    I started playing this game a few days ago. I enjoyed the game a lot so I decided to spend some money and buy some items in the store to speed up my progression and to support the developer. It was a big mistake! The items I bought in the store have massive, and I mean massive repair costs! I can win a team deathmatch game 25 kills to 3 deaths, and even with my first win of the day bonus I still lose money! Don't fall for it like I did!

  6. Gulam Mohammed

    Stupid ass game.. PVP mode is flooded with lagging players. All warface is about buying Kredits with money. Waste game.

  7. Matt

    I just discovered this game in 2017, for f2p, it is a perfect multiplayer military shooter. Players are not tanky but they dont die in 1 body shot like cod.

  8. Monroe0110

    I only play this game with friends cause that was what it was made for, to go online and Skype and chill with friends. I'm mean this game is heart powding at times and teamwork as you said is key, so I want to play with real good people I know then run around with some low ranked nubs who can't aim or help when needed. So honestly I love the game when I play solo, but I love it even more when I'm with friends on it.

  9. epicfrog0

    Yo this game is actually insanely fun now. It was really rough a couple years ago but it's a totally different game now, I enjoy it!

  10. KingG9000

    Just because they said war face is shit, it doesn't mean it will be forever, the game has improved a whole bunch since this was made and it isn't pay2win.

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