Which Macbook should I BUY 2015? Macbook AIR vs Macbook PRO

Which Macbook should I BUY 2015? Macbook AIR vs Macbook PRO

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Macbook Air vs Macbook Pro 2015 comparison. Which latest macbook should you get? It all comes down to 3 factors. Let me know what you think in the comments down below!

In my opinion, the best laptop for students is the Macbook Air, and if you are into video, photo or music editing, grab the Macbook Pro

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hey guys what's going on it's Karl here back with another video and a question that I always get asked either at social media or even in class in school is I'm getting a new laptop a new MacBook which one should I get ok so there's a couple different options you can go here you know that Apple just released the brand new MacBook Air and the brand new MacBook Pro the 2015 models they also have a new MacBook coming out it's labeled the new MacBook and it's coming out April the 10th in this video I'll take a look at the pro and the air and of course when the new MacBook comes out I'll update this video but I think it comes down to three different things price portability / weight as well as performance so let's take a look so the most important thing in my opinion of course is price without obviously money you can't buy one of these and they aren't exactly the cheapest laptops you'll come across the MacBook Air a thousand bucks the MacBook Pro 1249 of course these prices will vary where you live and you can choose to upgrade your models add more storage have a faster processor and naturally the price will increase also we're taking a look at base models here just keep that in mind and if you choose to fully trick out your models the MacBook Air will run you 1749 whereas the MacBook Pro will cost you a whopping 20 $6.99 next up is portability and size and at first glance you might not be able to tell the difference between both of these laptops but once you open them up there are a couple differences the MacBook Pro has the black bezel whereas the MacBook Air has the silver bezel personally I'm leaning towards the MacBook Pro side shape wise the MacBook Air is a wedge shape whereas the MacBook Pro is the traditional rectangular shape and this of course leads to overall weight savings on the MacBook Air side it weighs in at 2.96 pounds compared to the 3.4 eight pounds on the macbook pro and personally I owned the 15 inch retina macbook pro and that's around four and a half pounds and I never thought the extra pound and a half or two would be heavy but over the past couple years when I've owned it it does make a difference when bucket around to class say I'm just carrying it around I brought it to CES and there are times when I wish I actually had the MacBook Air but if portability is a high priority on your list I would definitely consider getting the MacBook Air another thing to consider maybe this ties in with design for ports the MacBook Air has a Thunderbolt USB 3 SD card slot the MacBook Pro USB 3 HDMI SD card slot on one side on the other side they both have the charging connector MacBook Air another USB the headphone jack whereas the MacBook Pro has two extra Thunderbolts a USB 3 as well as the standard headphone jack okay on to the good stuff performance as I mentioned both of these are the base models the MacBook Pro has eight gigs of ram with the 2.7 gigahertz I 5 the MacBook Air 1.6 acres i-5 with 4 gigs of RAM on the Geekbench scores you can see that the MacBook Pro naturally beats out the MacBook Air but in real world performance the MacBook Air is perfect for most users out there browsing the net word-processing launching a few apps I think the MacBook Air will do more than enough the MacBook Pro really you only need it if you're into video editing you're using programs like illustrator Photoshop you might use premiere or Final Cut Pro yes I think the MacBook Pro would be a wise choice but does the macbook air suck at video editing no you can definitely edit 1080p video 4k you might be pushing it but if you're already shooting in 4k I'm assuming you can already afford the upgrade to the MacBook Pro and of course if you are still really on the fence not too sure there are a few more features that might push you over the edge the MacBook Pro does have the Retina display that's 2560 by 1600 whereas the MacBook Air is only 1440 by 900 difference number two is the new MacBook Pros have the force touch trackpad that's also coming to the new MacBook lineup and it's essentially a trackpad that provides you with haptic feedback in vibrates a bit pushes back on your finger and I don't think this feature is a deal-breaker and I can see this one coming to the next generation of MacBook Airs so that was my quick compare Pearson of the 2015 MacBook lineups and once again that was the air against the pro and just remember when the new MacBook comes out I'll have a quick comparison of those and I'll try to grab all three colors there's the Gold Space Gray and traditional aluminum I know people love their color comparisons but if you guys have any other comments or feedback on what made you decide to get out of the air or the pro leave that down below in the comments and that will hopefully help out some people that are still on the fence if you found this info useful or this video useful smash that like button be sure to subscribe to the channel for more sweet content and I will catch the rest of you in my next episode Bass

39 Replies to “Which Macbook should I BUY 2015? Macbook AIR vs Macbook PRO”

  1. ChristianAdviceForTeens

    I chose the pro because when I went to buy a laptop and I wasn't sure whether to get the air or pro, the guy recommended the pro because of all the editing you could do along with the life, with the air you would have to eventually update it after a couple years but with the pro it would last a few years without the update. If you want a laptop that is going to last long get the pro

  2. Aishia Hazzard

    Of the 3 laptops (MacBook Air MacBook Pro or the new MacBook 2016 which one would be best for a Nursing Major? / Medical School Student?

  3. Luis Sierra

    Which MacBook is good enough for Photoshop and video editing for YouTube videos ONLY because I plan on getting one in a week or two?? Any answers.
    MacBook Air ?
    MacBook Pro without Retina Display ?
    MacBook Pro with Retina Display ?

  4. Chelley Smiley

    Hi Karl! Need your advice!
    I am a fashion Image design student. I don't know which MacBook Pro I should get.

    But I have my eyes on MacBook 13" 8gb ram and i5 processor enough to edit pictures in Photoshop? And use adobe illustrator? And make short films?

    Or should I upgrade it to 16gb?

  5. Emii A

    I want a macbook pro. I personally think its more affordable and i would use it for the reasons you said it would be betteter for. Thanks for helping me decide!

  6. liv bell

    i got the air because i only really wanted it for school and just browsing. It does the job and is so much faster than any laptop that i have ever had, plus its more affordable than the other models out there. i would highly recommend the air. I've had it since christmas and I'm still in love.

  7. Ivens desulme

    another thing to mention is that the macbook pro get warm if you keep it on you lap for a long time. the air doesn't .

  8. Red Shift

    I wish Apple made an 11.6" MacBook Pro, with Retina display, 8 or 16 gigs of RAM, Core i7 @ 2.7 GHz processor and a 512 GB SSD. That would be super dope.

    I'm kind of half-way into making one; I started with a 2014 11.6" MacBook Air with 4 gigs of RAM, Core i5 @ 1.4 GHz, then spilled coffee on it, so I dried it out. When I took it apart I accidentally broke the speaker plugs off the logic board and I/O board by mistake, so I'm gonna buy another I/O board and logic board from a 11.6" MacBook Air with 8 gigs of RAM and a Core i7 processor and maybe a 512 GB SSD off eBay and fit it to the MacBook Air I broke.

    Then I'm gonna get some glossy black wrap-around decal vinyl and place it around the bezel next to the screen, so instead of it being silver like all the MacBook Airs, it'll be black like the MacBook Pros, and it'll look, feel and be as fast as a proper MacBook Pro.

    The only thing I won't be able to improve is the screen, however, you can now get an adapter kit which enables you to clip an iPad next to the screen of a MacBook so you can extend your desktop and have more "screen real estate" or use it as a second screen. So I might do that with an iPad Mini Retina.

    Everything considered, it's gonna cost about the same as getting a brand new 11.6" MacBook Air with 8 gigs of RAM, Core i7 processor and a 256 SSD, but it'll have a black bezel around the screen, and an extra iPad Mini Retina display clipped on to one of the sides of the main screen.

    Is it worth doing all that? Probably not, as I already use a 13" 2015 Retina MacBook Pro as my "daily driver" (I think the 15" MacBook Pro looks way too big, again, it'd be nice if you could have the top specs of the 15" MacBook Pro with dedicated graphics, fitted to the 13" MacBook Pro [Apple, sort it out, your product range and its specifications is totally illogical!?] but you can't) but I think an 11.6" Core i7 with 8 gigs of RAM and 256 or 512 SSD MacBook Air (that looks like a Pro) would be super cool.

    What do you reckon? If I decide to create it, I'll make a video on it.

    Not sure why I typed all that, I'm really tired. Lol.

    Peace and love


    hey carl i am concerned about my new macbook because it has 8gb ram and it should be a 4gb it also has a i5 but its the 2015 ???

  10. LinneaV

    Can i on a Macbook Air use iMovie normally to edit 5-10 mins videos to my youtube channel, or should i go for the Macbook Pro as i alreaddy have now? (I have the 2012 model now, but need to upgrade soon)

    I will only use the Macbook Air for school and editing VLOGS 🙂 ???

  11. Raniayah H

    I'm thinking about getting one and I was wondering does any of them have a slot thing to put in a movie so you can watch on the road?😁

  12. Ida Wangsmo

    Can somebody please help me? I'm getting a MacBook Air soon and I was wondering if it is possible to play The Sims 4 on this computer?:)

  13. Omkar Borikar

    How exactly does the Force Touch work? I've heard its really useful, but I'm not exactly sure how it is really appealing to lots of people.

  14. TheAlltimer

    +Karl Conrad dude, I have a Mac air, i edit vids using FCP and Ps, I was thinking to do a swap for a pro, do you think it's a good choice? I may have to pay a little extra on top of the deal

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