Which Programming Language To Learn in 2019

Which Programming Language To Learn in 2019

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A question I get a lot. I answered it based on the industry standards I see at my company and after discussing with coworkers at other companies. I also did my own research to see top rising technologies etc.

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hey everyone so one question that I get a lot of the time is which programming language should I learn if I were to start programming in 2019 and my answer for that is all of them seriously go right now pick up a book and learn every single language every single framework and them and only thing the money's gonna start flowing into it if you really want to make money like Gary Vee and some of those guys say just go start buying and selling stuff or you can flip houses or something like that programming is not the only way to make money there's a lot of much easier ways that don't require sitting down learning as much if you are getting into it because you're actually passionate about it and you'll like it or you're like problem solving in general I think then that's fine that's a good that's a good use case for you you're gonna help people you feel like you don't have the specific skill set I think programming is a great skill set to pick up especially in 2090 cuz there's so many ways to pick it up if you are trying to just start out and you don't really know a lot about programming I think a lot of people recommend Python I'm actually gonna go against that and say I recommend Java my issue with Python is that while it's a very very easy programming language to learn I don't just want you to write a HelloWorld program I want you to learn how to code in general Java has a lot of essentials that are look you can't really learn Java without learning these central's which is really nice about it so that's why I usually recommend Java / Python because you can do a lot of Python with not really much knowledge about programming in general which I'm not a fan of I want you to learn how to do it so your code doesn't come out horrible and bug you later on if you are interested in web development specifically there is a million and one frameworks I'm speaking just for 2019 I definitely recommend the myrn stack which is basically Mongo Express react and nodejs basically those are four different frameworks that use javascript and then you are able to write a website from one end to another which is pretty cool if you are trying to create a much smaller website that has a lot of static content which is basically your average blogs even simple ecommerce shops and stuff like that I recommend WordPress it's very easy to set up obviously you need to know HTML CSS and some of those things for you to do the merge stack I'm just saying in specific you're better off if you're on the web development learning JavaScript as you may have probably heard by now oh and another note on the merge stack by the way is that I definitely recommend learning my sequel instead of Mongo there is a lot of debate on that I'm the type of person that wants you to learn the basics before you go and learn you know the crazy stuff Mongo is not really gonna teach you the basics it's gonna work Otis I'm gonna teach you the basics again the same argument with Python and Java Python is gonna work javis can teach you the basics so I never recommend my sequel before going into manga and you can really use any styling framework that you want I recommend Bulma because it is pretty lightweight and I like lightweight so does I real so moving on to iOS development that's pretty much what I do mainly I definitely recommend Swift in this case I don't recommend objective-c by any means objective-c will make you hate development altogether it's it's yeah it's not very good and you're probably gonna need to use some package manager which in that case would be cocoa pods or Carthage whatever you choose as for Android I definitely recommend that you learn Kotlin even though Java is I think is dominant right now in the market I think Kotlin is a very big one because it's a modern programming language I always recommend modern programming languages for new developers because they have more concepts with less learning curve which is nice and they're mostly more readable and they don't have any of the old outdated theory that you don't even need to know in the future if you want to do just straight-up back-end develop it a huge one that's rising now is going it is the language developed by Facebook a language developed by Google basically it supports YouTube and it supports a lot of the big Google libraries google claims that you get the performance of c++ with a write ability of python so it's it's very readable and easy to pick up but it is extremely fast and efficient like Siebel sauce and obviously a big one for back in is something like no GS I believe that PHP and Java for back-end are little less used now I think that if you don't have to support any legacy project then you should really go ahead and just learn nodejs or go laying and just work with them play around with them so something also you should look into if you're just starting out but obviously that's later in the list something like docker and something like kubernetes those are tools that you use and they support you in your development they're not necessarily required but any means by the way but I highly recommend them they work very well when you know how to use them and they're very good tools to have you to assess i neva also recommend stuff like bash just learning how to use a terminal and some continuous integration services like Jenkins or Travis CI also a really big one is learning about git or version control basically get if you think about Google Docs and how two different people can write into the same Google Doc it allows you to do that with code so when there's like four or five developers you if you have a tree your branch out of the tree and after the code is reviewed you can merge back into that tree and things get nicely merged instead of you having any overwrites or not being able to reverse any changes they've made I personally think if you're looking at software development as long-term I think you should learn the basics and understand them really well if you're not going for them long term then you should learn something like prototyping platforms like Adobe XD which don't require any programming language by the way that's pretty much it and if you have any questions please ask them in the comments and don't forget to hit that like button and subscribe if you haven't already and thank you very much

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