Why is My Mac Running Slow?!?!

Why is My Mac Running Slow?!?!

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If your Mac is running slow, check out these possibilities. Be sure to visit us and check out our other videos on Apple technology for musicians at:

alright picture this you're sitting at your Mac all of a sudden you see the beach ball you think the sky is falling and you cry out why is my Mac running slow well we're gonna tell ya and as much as you want to tell yourself that there's something the matter with the computer itself more times than not there's nothing the matter with it at all it's just a matter of you adopting a few best practices and maybe doing a possible upgrade here and there now before you jump up and say oh hey my friend gave me this utility the clears out cashes and you told me to go check yeah you know what we are not talking about that before you start spending a lot of time going that route it's best to explore the easiest most common solution first which in this case is just opening up activity monitor and observing what's going on all right so let's say that things are running slow we are all upset go ahead open up activity monitor see what's going on now right off the bat we should maybe look at the process list if we see any sort of red like this and we don't have applications responding well maybe that application or process is the problem but I will tell you this more than likely this is just a symptom of something else not to mention that just because it says it's not responding doesn't mean that it's crashed or that it will never respond again it just simply means that the application wants to be left alone to do what it needs to do this could be because it doesn't have enough processing power to finish what it wants to or it has plenty it's just going to take a long time or maybe there isn't enough RAM to finish what it's doing or maybe there's not enough disk space to write a bunch of invisible file so in order for it to complete what it wants to do but nonetheless this will give you an idea of what's going on we can go ahead and sort these either by CPU usage we can sort them also by real memory usage and such and give it a look what's hogging all the resources now another thing that we can do too is that we can go down to the CPU usage itself if we just got to black rectangles like this with a little bit of green all right probably not the CPU that's a problem processing is fine now if it's lit up like a Christmas tree then there is something going on most likely you have too much maybe we just have too many applications open go ahead close them all out see what happens or maybe there's some sort of rogue processes has taken over that is actually less likely but in the case that you do have a process that is not linked with any sort of particular application that's running just take note of the name and literally just do a web search for it chances are someone else has run into the same problem now let's go to system memory now you may say to yourself why that's impossible I got enough memory I got 2 gigabytes and all I really do is you know surf the web and send some email make a document I can tell you people that don't even record music run into this problem just from surfing the web you think I'm kidding check this out to understand this you first need to know what it is exactly that ramp does think about it as your workspace you're bringing up information from your hard drive to the RAM to then be processed by well the processor now if you don't have a lot of RAM then you can only bring up so much information at once to be processed so what does this have to do with web browsing and sending emails think about how you go through your day as you browse the web and open up a window and let's face it in our line of work as musicians we tend to view a lot of multimedia so as we view videos and listen to audio there are all sorts of files being written to our RAM to get the media to us now this may just innocently window but you know what I check out a few things we're going to jump back and forth from site to site before you know it we have taken up a ton of RAM you don't believe me look at this all you got to do is go to the Activity Monitor and look at the pie chart see that little sliver of green that's not good that is creating a bottleneck and slowing things down tremendously go up to your list and change the order under real memory from highest to lowest see all of this multimedia is making Safari be a huge Ram hog so what do you do about this well first what you should do is try changing your habits get in the habit of closing out unused browser windows and shutting down unused applications now if you discover that you really truly need all these applications open at once then and only then should you buy an upgrade and in this case it would just be a matter of simply adding more RAM another very common reason for a Mac or any computer to run slow is the lack of available disk space on the startup disk this is also the most important to keep track of as a full startup this can well just stop working you need to keep track of how much data is stored on your hard drive mainly big files such as media the reason this can cause a slowdown and eventually a headache and a trip to data recovery is that the discs need space to write temporary files these temporary files can be written routinely within software or it can be required when the computer runs out of RAM as you can see when we create a bottleneck from before and you run out of space what happens well if you don't have any more RAM it starts writing to the disk in the form of virtual memory so without going into too much detail about why this happens the best thing to do is just make sure that it doesn't happen so how do you do this well you can have a look at Activity Monitor but the quickest way to do it is just double-click on the hard drive check down at the bottom of the Finder window and it will tell you how much space is available so how much do you need well that number is hotly debated amongst the techies of the world if you want to play it safe just keep 10% of your total disk space available now some of you may be saying wait I have a 250 kilo that's 25 gigabytes yes you may get upset but if you want peace of mind just do it now of course if you dip under 10% it's not the end of the world but if you do that's when you really need to start thinking about doing some spring cleaning or getting another hard drive again when do you update to another hard drive if you absolutely need everything that's on your current hard drive then upgrade it if not then take the time and clean it out all right so there you go those are some tips on checking out why your computer is running slow and Activity Monitor remember check the CPU usage make sure you have enough free RAM and make sure that you have enough available disk space any one of those factors can create a bottleneck that'll slow everything down so until next time I don't know happy computing

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  1. Mohd Monirul Islam

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  2. sweetsweatyfeet

    This is some BS. I've run low rent Windows laptops with half the RAM with two browsers launched and they don't slow down at all… but my Mac pinwheels like a SOB under the same conditions with twice the RAM. There's something else going on and it probably has to do with shit MAC hard drives that don't respond. You can tell if your HD is constantly corrupting and needs disk first aid. Macs made after 2012 are plagued with shitty HDs prone to failures and slowdowns. Apple in general has gone to complete shit since Job's death. He was a bastard but at least his products met standards of quality which they no longer do. Fuck Apple.

  3. TheRumbler9000

    lets say you want to start gaming for example. Does just playing games itself make it slower? or just downloads?

  4. Dido Didov

    hi guys, the greatest success that I have had was with the Mels Speed Method (just google it) definately the most incredible treatment i've tried.

  5. Haruzo

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  6. sweetsweatyfeet

    Sometimes the problem is hardware like defect ridden deteriorating hard drives. For instance a lot of Imacs made in the last few years suffer from shitty deteriorating hard drives. You have lots of ram, processing power, etc, but even simple programs like preview take forever to load and Safari will at times spin the wheel and suddenly freeze. Nothing you do helps, you try every tweak, every efficiency protocol but nothing helps. Your Mac just runs slow, intermitently spins the wheel. You reboot and perform disk repair and things run well for a bit but then things slow down again very soon.
    If this is the regular pattern, all bets are on a bum hard drive.
    I spent $1600 on an iMac only to have this happen a year and a half later and it only got worse with time. My warranty is up and my choice is to spent high repair/parts cost or another $1600 for a new one or to never buy one of these wretched things again. I'm choosing the later.

  7. Mac Guy3135

    My Mac is so slow that is too slow to download a cleaner and too slow to delete any files and too slow to load activity monitor.

  8. Riley Hackford-peer

    Heh, I think I have a virus. None of the desktop applications show up and I can't even open finder wth do I do


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  10. Rajkumar Bagar

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  11. Milo Stoaks

    My $2000 Mac Book only takes 10 seconds to turn on. It can open Minecraft in 20 seconds and I once got it to run at 36 fps. I loved it! Then I got a really small $1500 desktop (custom, by the way). It took 5 seconds to turn on. It can open Minecraft in 3 seconds. Minecraft can run at over 500 fps. I can finally stop recording in 4 fps in 480p. Now I can record at 60 fps in 1080p with more to spare. It also has 4T of SSHD storage. 16 gigs of memory also came with it. I love my I7 4790k. My GTX 970 is amazing. It also isn't a mac. That's why it works. Desktops are WHY faster than MacBooks. I have NO idea why MacBooks are even known to exist. And that is why your Mac Book is running slow. The reason is because it's a MacBook. Let that hate start!

    P.S. you can get $500 laptops that are WAY faster.

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