Windows XP Tutorial : How to Install Windows XP on Your Computer

Windows XP Tutorial : How to Install Windows XP on Your Computer

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Installing Windows XP onto a computer is a straightforward process that involves inserting the CD, following the computer’s prompts, entering the product key and running a Windows update. Discover how Windows XP is installed on a computer with the help of this free video from an experienced IT computer consultant about installing Windows XP.

Expert: Dan Afonso
Bio: Dan Afonso is a computer consultant out of Central Massachusetts that has been working professionally in IT since 1993. Afonso has experience supporting computer networks of all sizes.
Filmmaker: EquilibrioFilms Jeremy

Did you know that when setting up Windows
XP the quick format option actually doesn't do anything bad and saves you a heck of a
lot of time on modern drives? I'm Dan Afonso from Afonso Consulting and Enfold IT, and
this is how to install Windows XP. Now, I'm just going to tell you straight out, this
is a fairly straightforward process, if you've got standard hardware, any consumer hardware
really. It's not really going to be a problem for you. So, what I'm going to do is I'm going
to go through the installation. I'm doing it in VMware because bringing in additional
hardware to do it is actually kind of difficult so we're just going to do this virtual. The
only difference between this and what you're going to do is there's no CD station. So,
I've already put the CD in the drive and we're going to start up the machine. Now the first
thing you're going to notice is, besides the machine booting, is that it's going to pause
here inside its loading windows. If you already had an operating system on a machine it would
ask you to push a button in order to boot. It's also asking to push F two, F two for
automated system recovery and F six for additional drivers. Automated system recovery is if you
break your machine and have an automated system recovery disk. The F six is far more important
to this. If you have an obscure raid driver, if you have you know some sort of you know
raid zero if you're a hyper gaming machine, you're probably going to need to hit F six
and pop in the floppy disk. Yes, a floppy disk. If you don't want to make a floppy disk
you'll have to make a custom boot CD for Windows XP. We're not going to cover that here. We're
just going to move on. The first thing Windows is going to do is it's going to initialize
itself. It's an informational screen that lets you know if you want to repair, setup
or whatnot. In this case we're just going to setup, so we're hitting enter. In user
license agreement you have to accept it in order to continue on. Now this is a disk partitioning
portion, if you want to use the whole drive, the C drive, and I highly recommend you do
this, unless you're going to dual boot or have some sort of other partitioning scheme
in mind, just hit enter and it'll use a default. If you need to partition what you would do
is you would push – you would push C. And just – for create a partition. And then you
could type in how much you want and you know make multiple partitions and whatnot, then
select them from the list, so for this case, sure, we'll make a seven gig partition and
then I'll create another partition over here just to show you in general, you have really
no need to do this. So create this and we'll use the quick format NTFS, because it's significantly
better. It's going to format now. So once it's done copying all those files, it's going
to reboot the machine into the graphical portion. It's after a good long while you're going
to get to the regional language options screen. If you need to change your language, your
input method or anything like that you could customize that, but for most people this is
going to be the normal, hit next. Type in your name, and your organization. Hit next.
Now you're going to give your product key, for obvious reasons I'm not going to type
in mine on camera, but we'll just type that in and go to the next screen. All right, the
next screen you get to name your machine. And I'm going to name mine Bob. Bob is a good
name. And you can set your administrator password. And anything you want, you should probably
make this something reasonably secure like not password. The next screen, just wants
to know date, time and most importantly the time zone. Now you don't really have to set
the date and time here, we'll figure that out once it connects up to the internet. But
your time zone is important, so set that, hit next. Here on in it's going to configure
your network, it's going to ask you whether you want to do this customized, default, why
don't you just pick typical, it'll get you going for now. If you need to change something,
do that later. Most people won't need to change anything. And finally your work group. If
you have set up a work group in house, feel free to use it, if you haven't the default
is fine. And from here on in, it's just going to finish the installation. Once it comes
up, all you really need to do is run Windows update, it'll start doing this in the background,
automatically. Let it finish, you should be all set from there. This has been how to install
Windows XP and I'm Dan Afonso of Enfold IT and Afonso Consulting. Enjoy.

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  2. Jacob Todd

    BLOODY awesome video man. So easy to understand. But my pc won't boot from my xp pro disc. But it will run from windows how do I change that even though I have made my boot settings from cd or dvd.

  3. Jacob Todd

    Have you got any tutorials on how to install windows vista? Specifaclly windows vista home premium? If not can you make one?

  4. kjo573

    I am some one with low money im byeing a old 80 gigabite laptop for 45 dollers and he's giving me windows xp with it those this apply to a old 80 gig laptop please reply and how fast could a laptop like that run a game called Minecraft please reply i need to know


    Ok people, Blue screen (never good) I feel you have a bad copy of XP, you may need a new copy or right now you can get a good copy of Win7 on kickass if you look. USB problem booting? Well that will be due to the fact in your BIOS setup you need to change the first boot system, press del in boot up when prompted, then you select the boot selection screen, then select USB as first boot.

  6. pcworld88

    why does windows xp setup skip the networking settings during the setup?and now i installed it with no network connection! please help

  7. Bojan Lozo

    @anandmohan88 i opened BIOS and set up the SATA drivers options(there are only two options) and if there is an error with hdd you just have to set other option…

  8. Bojan Lozo

    i have tried to install windows on my notebook, i put disc, it started booting from drive and when it should start windows like in 1:34 it says that there is an error on HDD and i should run chkdsk or scan for viruses…..I did CHKDSK but same error…PLEASE HELP ME….

  9. Henry Jenkins

    emmm when i put my code in it cums up with the product key is not valid but when i tryed the code on my freinds computer it worked what should i do also does this need to be hooked up to the internet ?? thanks

  10. A. G.

    Help please
    in the disk partition part thing , can i make my full hard drive as C:
    such as C: will have the whole space and there is no D:
    can i ?

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