Wolfenstein for PC Video Review

Wolfenstein for PC Video Review

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Gaming Pastime reviews Wolfenstein for PC.

Developed by Raven Software and published by Activision, Wolfenstein was released for PC, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3 in August, 2009. Wolfenstein is a very underrated title and is easily one of the best games in the series.

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33 Replies to “Wolfenstein for PC Video Review”

  1. Ghost

    I'm in the same boat, I don't understand why people dislike this game but swear by the reboot series which has basically nothing to do with classic Wolfenstein aside from nazis.

  2. johnny5finger

    This is an excellent game. I purchased a hard copy on ebay a couple of years ago, which is the only way to get this game legally. It is too bad this game has been buried and not available for download.


    Ahhhh my very first XBOX 360 as i still to this very day regret that i gave it away to someone else for being burned out on it because its nearly close to impossible to buy the game nowadays…..I just hope i stumble across a rare unopened PS3 copy soon πŸ˜€

  4. the patriot

    Love the RPG /adventure elements in this game , now I wish wolfenstein 3 to be a full fledged RPG, we have no WW2 RPGs yet

  5. taylor harrington

    Great review! But the Rockerfeller Foundation after WWII, made 138.000 dollars available for changing the history book, concerning Nazi Germany's Paranormal and Occult leanings and search for a variety of Occult Objects, and Paranormal Research. So in some ways the games in the Wolfenstein Series, are more true than people want to belief.

  6. DeviantManRules

    I agree,
    It’s a very satisfying entry in the series.
    But compared to RETURN TO WOLFENSTEIN the story and character development was seriously lacking which is probably where the critical derision stems from.

  7. 41Djfu#lksdkjfd

    A little correction my friend, I’m Jewish and I want to tell you that the Nazis were not the Ultimate enemy. If you knew history, you know that Stalin was worse. Henry the eighth was horrible. Glad the fifth was worse than Hitler. Because when you are able to slaughter people and abuse then up in close, That makes that person worse, than just killing them from afar. We were all brainwashed by the media claiming that Hitler is the ultimate evil, this is bullshit.

  8. Richardsen

    I don't know. This game seems to check a lot of the right boxes, but when I played it back in 2009, it felt very… bland, almost like a chore. As if it wore off rather fast.

    Maybe it should replay it now and see if my opinion changes.

  9. Steven

    I per-ordered this game for the PS3 since I had a potato PC at the time. No regrets! I don't understand why it doesn't get any love :(. I don't think it was the best in the series, but it was still worth multiple playthroughs!

  10. CisforCock

    Heh, Ross Scott (One of my fave creators – he made Freemans Mind) tore this game to shreds, sadly (he DOES make a number of Really valid points, though): https://youtu.be/P4LaR1C6Xds
    However, Im with you, and enjoyed all 3 playthroughs of the game. Whether there will be a 4th Im not sure, though…

  11. irishsimon99

    I really liked this game but the constant backtracking through the hub world was the biggest problem I had with it .

    Great review thoughπŸ‘

  12. Jgamer930

    Thanks for reviewing this game. I’ll be honest I never gave this game a chance but after watching your review I gave it another chance and I’m loving it so far.
    Edit: I finally beat it and enjoyed every minute of it.

  13. wunderbarr123

    And I tought I was the only one. Played this game over 10 times at least on xbox. Never had the pc version and prob never will since they ask a ton for it online. The mp was even pretty good. Laggy but good.

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