Word 2016 Mac Harvard Referencing

Word 2016 Mac Harvard Referencing

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A quick video to show how to install the Harvard.xml style sheet in to the new Microsoft word 2016 on the Mac to enable Harvard referencing. Link copy and paste into url and download.

come back as you know well in the back the new offices just come out they look so very sleek and streamlined one slight problem now is some people use the Harvard referencing system in referencing but you can't use the 2011 one format word in new one such as what so I found a new style another website to label it for you so I'll put a blank document and let me show you first and go to the references tab in the ribbon here is your section click styles and you've seen your style top down list there's no Harvard APA 6th edition is fallen if you do in psychology now we need to add a new reference does I said 2011 doesn't work from the old word so we need to just open up Safari I'll leave this link at the end of the video again scroll down I want you to check this to see if it's your Harvard referencing style so try out that I don't take much notice of the information at the bottom because that's the word going to tap it to download it and then click close now make sure words close tap it then at the top word quick and I want to make sure it's available and there's my style so I'm going to copy that so to finger tap and select copy then go to applications then scroll down you won't have a Microsoft Office folder it will be set forward and there is we don't want Microsoft Office 2011 DoubleTap and select show package contents double tap contents open up resources and we should scroll down to a stores folder that holds all your Styles double tap to finger tap or ctrl right click I'm now going to paste the item put your password in for security and it's now in there then let's see if is working like Microsoft Word and a blank document references tab put a crow in tudor-style we now have over the second edition insert citation add your information in if you have more than one offer you can add plus but it's only one offer click OK all four as an organization if required title and you see our money for Indian where there stars tap the city tech to publisher and year which leaves me editor again click on either footnote or it and click OK if it's just the one and finally edition if you get stuck look at the bottom and click OK it's direct quote from a page click the drop down arrow edit citation there's popular numbers it wet the page P and there's your citation finished all your work makes you in Harvard's select bibliography choose bit low fee and there's your Harvard referencing system which does it in alphabetical order but just check that's correct and remember when you hit citations you come to the right there's all your citations stored bottom right hand corner you got your citation source manager and you can use ones that you've used before you

22 Replies to “Word 2016 Mac Harvard Referencing”

  1. Simione Foukimoana

    My word requires to activate again after doing this. Any help? or just have to buy the office package again?

  2. Jordan Villa

    After downloading the link and following your instructions my Microsoft Office deactivated and now I cant finish my assignments, bad move

  3. James Alexander

    Hi xandru, all your download links are for pc ending in .xsl rather than .xml for mac 2016. Do you have links for the mac version as the weblink at the end of your video is no longer working.

  4. Pat Walton

    Hi, I tried to use it after I added it to word…unfortunately, once I want to update my bibliography, it'll say there are no references and wipes it! If I return it to a different format, its all there… any suggestions? It's for my thesis and its due for submission shortly… Thank you.

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