Work from home nurse Job | RN Coder | Equipment unboxing

Work from home nurse Job | RN Coder | Equipment unboxing

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Follow my new journey as a work from home RN medical coder.
The company I am working with provided the computer equipment and coding manuals. Remote nurse job, virtual nurse job, Work from home. Telecommute nurse job.

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good morning come on here and welcome to my channel I actually wanted to document my first work from home experience I am a registered nurse been one for over 11 years and I start out at a hospital for the first year this med surg then it is round in nursing yeah around the north with the internal medicine doctor for two years like that so I want to change so suddenly me we now go back to the floor so then I went to psych for two years it was a very interesting with that she likes like I did that for about two years then I moved on to PCU progressive care unit which is one step from step down from ice – you did that for about seven years and I said you know what I think I'm gonna try our patients nursing so I went from a hospital PCU and did an ambulatory care center you know and I like that a lot of people I work with I love that I was there earlier like from 6:30 and left at 6:00 at 2:30 you know so I really love that so a but about two months ago or al-qaeda sense and war and wanted to do with coding you know medical coding from home so I decided to look indeed and monster these different websites to see what I could find and I came across a company that was willing to train me I can mention the name but the will it trained me the training will be for about fourteen or sixteen weeks depending on how I know I pick up and then you know so I scored six documents did my experience doing this so and I just got my my um they just mailed out my equipment to me so I want to show you you know everything so alright here we go I'm actually filming on my phone so I'm gonna turn the camera angle to the other part okay okay ah never mind they're bothering me not okay no no okay maybe yeah all right well in that case then gonna lower this here so you can see oh come on camera and try and angle it so you can see the stuff that I got training starts on Monday so I just got artist received – my materials yesterday – Friday now March 2017 some without my equipment in class does start they train this start on Monday okay so I'm going to show you what I got so first first of all oh this is the outfit of the day let's see if you can see it I have with a long-sleeve shirt it's marked as cold and chilly as long as Papaji degrees have ones only sweat pants and my lizard you see it my comfy boots the head of a castle without them all right now effective is this now what I have here is all kinds of FedEx a keyboard keyboard with some keyboard with a mouse a wireless mouse so I have that okay and that's it for this box I'll put this away the next thing I have yes that half is the laptop the laptop with a manual right got that put this aside and next thing that I have is this for the monitor and monitor if I'm gonna have a bomb right Oh regular laptop and a monitor so this is the monitor stand this is like a 2p but he would hook these together and put the monitor on it so basically this is a work from home unboxing right sure my name is sure how big this is but I want to say maybe 19 inches all right so that's there that so for those of you who do not know Michael coding is taking a via the doctors notes you know like maybe ER doctor homers doctor and transforming the medical diagnosis and the prescription into medical codes so that the doctor can get paid okay and it's either icd-9 icd-10 and also they're called called CPT codes which I think all the procedure codes but I don't really know I lock in detail about it cause that's why I'll be getting trained for this oh this is heavy right whoa so one of the manuals that they said to me I'm gonna set an opening and guys can see please hope you can see what is in them oh so we have here oh this is the icd-10 in 2017 edition this book is freaking humongous look how thick this is this is going to be like I'm back in virtual school or something but I was I'm definitely up for the challenge you know and this has different codes for the different diagnosis is so I'll be learning you know how to code this in this orders this orders are puberty can speak of a dysfunction okay this is going to be interesting Wow no back yes so this is going to be one of my books here alright and look how big this thing is look at that next thing I got next nice car okay so more manuals okay this is just the reimbursement coding manuals like I said what we learned in the training all right cool and this is just a robot recipes and this is the cpt model module so this module okay so I will take you guys on my working form prom as a nursery and then you know how I like coding this should be very interesting and as up you know thanks for watching definitely subscribe you can you know follow our journey and see if this is something you want to do and now I'm and when I tell people I want a code they were like what you're going to be bored at home really I'm like listen I'm going to do it I want to build my skillset and if I get bored this more move on to something else that's simple of that that's why I love nursing I can do lots of different things if I work somewhere and don't like something then change jobs simple you know alright so until next time guys talk to you later bye

46 Replies to “Work from home nurse Job | RN Coder | Equipment unboxing”

  1. Carlo Bajamundi

    Hi Simone, it's Carlo here, Thank you very much for this video, I was looking for a job from home as a RN and I am so interested with Medical Coding but can't find a company that will help me start like with the training and hiring me, like what you have in this video. If you can please help/give me the company that hired you or similar. again thank you very much. God Bless.

  2. Diana Moses

    How do i get a work from home coding job, who did you go through, who do i need to contact. I can start ASAP. PLEASE HELP

  3. nikisain1

    Hello Simone, thank you for sharing your experience with us. It is greatly appreciated. You mentioned in your video that your medical coding job was willing to train you for about 14 weeks. Did you get your CPC certification (or any other certification) at the end of the training? If so, did you have to pay for it? My email is [email protected]

  4. Wellness Elements

    That’s right girl. If you get bored you can do something else. I love it 🥰 I have the same mind set.

  5. Khris Khaid

    Hi Simone, how much experience does a nurse need to have to work from home or become an independent contractor ?

  6. Melissa’s Purses

    Hello Simone thanks for sharing your journey of transitioning from bedside nursing to [email protected] I too work from home but right now do case management, coding caught my attention as something different to do. How are you still liking it? Is your company still hiring?

  7. Queen B

    Simone iris so after a year do you still like working from home? I know every job has there us and downs but I feel like I am getting burnout from bedside nursing in Georgia.


    Hello mam iam registered nurse from india I have done my medical coding coaching how could I earn through online can u please help


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    This company only accepts applications on their website..….

  10. Rebecca Swope

    Good Morning Simonie Irie you are a breath of fresh air. I have staying awake many long nights contemplating a move in this direction. Your attitude to move in a different direction is refreshing and contagious. You give me hope and seeing in advance what this could look like at home has helped me tremendously in making my decision. Would you mind sending the me an email of the the company that you are training with please.. Thank you in advance and lots of luck; maybe we will be "online colleagues".
    [email protected]

  11. L Bell

    Hello! I just stumbled upon your video, it’s no coincidence that this happened, I was just trying to frighten out how I can work from home and be able to stay home with my kids. Could you send me your company’s information? [email protected]

  12. Tracey Sanders

    Hello Simone , I am a RN and have been searching for a work from home in coding but not sure where to look as everything I have found requires some experience . I was wondering if you could tell the name of the company that you work for ? I love your channel and thanks for all that you do !! [email protected]

  13. dtswaite0916

    Hi Simone! How are you liking the job so far? I’m currently looking for a work from home position and would appreciate any info that you can share. Love the 3 12’s schedule in the hospital but I need more flexibility due to my girl’s schedule. My email is [email protected] Thanks in advance and have a blessed rest of the week 🙂

  14. DeeDee

    Hi Simone,
    Thank you for your upload. I’ve been looking into coding but I’ve noticed that you need experience. You mentioned your company offered training! That is excellent! Do you mind sharing the information with me? I’m looking for a more flexible, less stressed environment as well. Thanks [email protected]

  15. Virginia Phillips

    Hello Simone! Thank you for the videos. I’ve been a nurse for 12 years and have recently started researching working from home. Could you please send me the name of the company you’re working with? [email protected] Thanks again 😊

  16. pmjones143

    Hi Simone, I am a RN, BSN and would like to make a little extra money working from home and get into medical coding. I have some experience with ICD 10 codes with my current employment. I would like to find a job that has onsite training with medical coding. Could you please email me some information and advice at [email protected] Are you still with the company you made this video about?

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