Xbox Game Pass Ultimate PC Review - Do You Still Need A Xbox Console After This?

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate PC Review – Do You Still Need A Xbox Console After This?

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what's going on everybody so this is a video showing you guys what the Xbox game passes like for PC this is pretty much the app that lets you play games past games on your PC and it pretty much turns your PC into an Xbox essentially based off what the games past library has to offer I do apologize if you hear noise in the back that's the TV playing in the back so if that's picking up apologize but um I just wanted to make this video and get it out the way um right now as you can see this is our app that you download as long as your Windows 10 is up-to-date um I had a big issue of doing this it took me like two days to get this straightened out so hopefully you don't have that issue some people also on Twitter didn't have that issue but I did so I'm just gonna give you guys an understanding so pretty much a games past ultimate is the subscription you would need which is $14.99 if you pay $14.99 you get all access to games pass on Xbox and PC the reason you want the PC version is because it gives you live and all that even though they said live is not something you pay for technically if you buy games pass ultimate some I understand and it comes with life on Xbox so it kinda is like you're paying for it on PC too it's kind of like a sneaky ready to put it in it um however what I'm gonna say is that uh it is a stripped-down version of what the Xbox version of game Pass has to offer from from what I'm seeing what's going on with it and I'm gonna explain it to you guys now is and this gives you kind of an incentive to get an Xbox console which I kind of figured they would do something like this so this is this is the catch right because there's a catch if the games are not play any weird games they're not gonna be on PC even if you have games fast as you can see right game pass has 100 games on xbox right they always advertise it as such so let's go to the store right now and as you can see these are the games that are available right so you have the best sailor section you have best rated I'm gonna say xbox live games let's go to show all this is the amount of games that they have available now as you can see they are all load it in as you can see how fast I scrolled through this this all these are the games that are available on PC so see how says Windows next to Metro Exodus so I'm gonna go in ahead and I'm gonna download this right so I'm gonna show you guys this installing now on my PC so this is pretty cool this is a better way of accessing the games than going through the Windows Store this is a much better way as you see they download much faster now because I was having a lot of problems that's a big download 254 gigabytes so this is a way to get much for Exodus on PC without getting um FP games for those of you that don't want to support at the games will want to play Metro Exodus cuz there's a few you out there you weirdos I understand I want to support epic but I wouldn't go that far is how they're going so anyway I digress back on track so this is pretty much the amount of games that you have available on PC now if you look carefully this one doesn't say on Windows so I'm gonna click in and see if I could download it see I still can install it so if you can see it in this app you can play it on your PC but the catch is this is like a third of the games that all available on Xbox the console alright so if you look through this there's a good amount of games here definitely a great amount it's more these games were added yesterday because I went to this app yesterday and these games weren't here so they are adding games in look you could play all blade that's pretty cool so they're they're doing good with this this is a good thing but like I said the better this gets the more incentive you have not to buy an xbox and that's kind of my issue with Microsoft right now because this is such a good subscription plan that I don't see a point in buying an Xbox console and you know we're not gonna bash that cuz I saw what this videos about Shenmue is here I might as well go ahead and install that as well so as you can see I'm doing it live I'm actually Quaid and installing games onto my PC from Xbox so as you can see this is not a fluke and I'm gonna show you something that they're introducing called the game ball so if I want to see who's going on on my pc I take my Xbox controller I hit the Xbox icon in the middle of the controller and boom look what pops up I get like a version of my PC stats along with Xbox a lot so you see off in the right-hand corner there's my friends list I'm not gonna scroll through my friends list cuz my friend list is private and it's for a reason so I'm gonna scroll through it alright so don't Acts don't get mad leave your hate comments do whatever it is you got to do as you can see in the lower left hand corner it's giving you my CPU usage my GP usage my RAM usage you know it's giving you all this good information is telling me what my level is also I could turn down other things in the background so this is pretty pretty decent this is a really big upgrade from a week ago and a week ago I was using something they call the Xbox companion app cuz that's what they're calling the app now which is your Xbox home screen but this is the new version so if I press the Xbox controller logo button the middle button the home button it'll go away the game ball now if I press this again as you can see in the top middle I can actually start going live I can start recording as you see look I could go to Spotify I could capture video you know there's a lot you can do our king broadcast I can do all this from the Xbox controller so it's pretty cool it's like a souped-up version of Xbox actually so I'm assuming this is a little taste of what they're gonna do with the next Xbox but once again for this subscription price are wrong and the amount of games they recently just add it I don't even need to turn on my xbox anymore you know so this is pretty cool see I have a Marvel I have this installed I was playing this already so the cross players is simple too if you plan on Xbox your game save carries over so if you're on PC and you want to continue playing a game that you were playing at home on your xbox you can as you can see I'm able to play this and I'm not at home on my xbox I'm on my PC and I could just play I could be upstairs I could be away it doesn't matter so it's pretty cool actually but the thing is they're saying in about two months on the date that I have and the data subject to change but I actually have a date I don't have a date I have a month the month is supposedly October they said by October you will be able to access this app on any device that allows this app to be downloaded meaning pretty much everything but PlayStation so if you have a device that has internet access you'll be able to play your Xbox on it and this app is interesting now just for you people who want to know I'm gonna tell you now I actually was playing state of decay too of course and there's a cell right there as you saw for those of you who don't own the game I do actually own this game this game is on sale for Half Price ok so uh I just want to explain how to arm settings work there's a lot of people gonna want to know what are the settings about right so pretty much what happens is if you click on this game which I'm gonna have to click on it just to show you so I'm gonna I'm gonna let the game launch I'm going to let it show you real quick let me turn off the sign so it doesn't pick up the sound but uh pretty much the games do have PC settings it's not like just playing a game this actually has PC settings it's much it it's it's really Xbox with PC in mind and PC integration and is pretty pretty strong it's pretty pretty strong so let's go ahead and boot this up real fast for you guys I stated the key to really good and the loading times of course are significantly different I have a SS Java SSD and it's drop when you'll notice that I plan on PC you do get the advantages of faster low-tom so what I'm gonna do is show you this real quick if you go to settings this looks exactly like the Xbox version there's no difference except when you get to the settings boom you have advanced video and boom look at this you see all these settings are being taken advantage of by my graphic card this is something you do not get on the Xbox version of Lahav you do get this on PC so once again you have the advantages of PC while playing xbox once again killing the ideal of why would I buy an xbox but however that's another subject right so you can see this is really it says desktop resolution um the only thing I don't like is you really kind of have to understand these settings that know what resolutions you're getting it's kind of like auto detect in my resolution and that's the problem I have with this game even on the PC version when I downloaded it through windows so nothing get into that but I wanted you guys to see you do actually get the settings that you would get on a PC version of the game now how is this gonna work with every game I don't know cuz this game had PC and mom when it was made so I don't know if it's gonna be like uh a Dead Rising full how that will work or whatever I just I don't know exactly how that works right so I'm gonna exit out of this game right now so I'm after edited that last part out because it went straight to the desktop but wasn't it need to show that so I'm gonna edit that out anyway so as you can see though that is how it works so real quick I'm just gonna show you it does have a store you can buy these games and everything for games past now this is interesting because when you buy these games I know people gonna wonder well what happens if you bought games that already in the King's Quest or what will happen is it'll just say that uh it'll just let me go to my logo it'll just say games owned so as you can see Bert Rico I brought gifts the reason it says I don't long stay to decay believe it or not it's because I actually bought the retail discs but if I bought the digital version it would be here as well so some of the games that are owned are actually on the physical discs so they don't say I own them but as you can see if you own a game it's sort of like what Google's doing with stadia if you own a game it'll just show up in the digital library that you brought it so that you don't have to worry about if it leaves game paths or not now a lot of people gonna say well what's the difference games do leave game pass there's people that actually make it sound like the games stay in the library they don't so if you see like a triple a third party game going in that you really want to play like Metro Exodus I suggest you play it because the games like that they'll disappear after like a month or two they'll come back and everything but like I said if you're like halfway through the game and you stop playing you may come back and see the game is gone the good thing about games pass is if the game was gonna leave usually they give you like a – so long week like grace period they'll let you know hey this game is leaving the 14 days this game is leaving at five days so you know they're hurry up and finish it but if you feel like you can and you want to keep playing or you like it you can just buy it and it'll stay in your library that way you could travel and take the game with you so that's the explanations I can give you um that's pretty much all the things that I think you guys will want to know so there's something else you guys want to know just leave a comment in the comment section and I'll like answer the questions for you but I did want to show this guys to you to show you that this was my concern about Microsoft they did too good of a job with this app and now it's to the point where I'm like okay so if all the Xbox exclusive games are going to be in this app along with third-party games then I can just play these other games on PS 5 or anywhere else so there's a little debacle there but however if the focus was to make this a success I think they did the they did a good job this is definitely um something I will buy first this is the first thing I would think the buys the subscription and keep the subscription so I don't know I mean down the line I guess they get more money that way especially if you start buying things like DLC and things that I need you so if you think about buying a couple of games throughout the year uh you know they make money however though I do understand that this will get more users on the games and I said that some videos in the past many years ago when I started doing these other videos on YouTube that Xbox need more users and people need to support the games if they didn't they will find ways to do that and this is the answer this is how they follow more users for their games they now have access to what steam has 125 million users so now if you think about that if they could potentially tap into that and get a third of that what is that like thirty thirty eight million people so they can really up the usage of the games and give developers incentives to make content for their platforms so I do understand the business out of it I just feel bad as a console owner because this is such a better solution for playing their games to the point where I really feel like there's no way to justify buying the console if that makes any sense to anybody up there but that's the legit concern that I have it's not that I'm hating it's not that I'm a fanboy it's a legit concern for hardware because I'm still an old-school gamer who likes to collect and buy actual physical things this is taken away my physical games and it's literally taking away my physical hard drive I mean my physical Hardware so it's kind of like pcs just replacing it and PC does all digital so it's crazy to have a digital console that's that's fire because this is a fire app I definitely will recommend this app if you have PC and you don't play xbox now you can't alright so it is what it is I'm out of here let me know what you guys think in the comment section like I said you have any questions I can use those as well I'll do my best to at least um I did still a lot that I'm wearing about this app but as you can see in the background I'm showing you it is downloading Metro Exodus on my PC okay so crazy it's crazy man crazy Tom's man anyway almighty peace

34 Replies to “Xbox Game Pass Ultimate PC Review – Do You Still Need A Xbox Console After This?”

  1. Snafu

    I can count every one of these games for three of those. The ones on Xbox are literally so bad, like these games are worth a game pass each, especially with the 1$ glitch.

  2. Johnny The truth teller

    Gamers who prefer console Will play xbox on console gamers who prefer playing on PC Will play xbox on PC It does not matter where you play it's all xbox You've got to get rid of that old man mentality its 2019 Microsoft has revolutionized gaming for the future

  3. Johnny The truth teller

    You have a old mindset X-BOX is not the console it's a service like NETFLEX it does not matter where you play X-BOX at pc,console,phone or tablet IT'S ALL X-BOX

  4. Johnny The truth teller

    Jimmy has an old fashioned mindset lol I just can't get it through his head that when you play xbox on PC is the same as playing it on console lol people who prefer console will buy xbox on concert people who like PC gaming will play ox Box all PC Microsoft doesn't care which one you play on because you're still playing on xbox hopefully Jimmy's mind set will change and he will modernize his thinking

  5. Johnny The truth teller

    Games stay in game pass way more than 2 months rise of the tomb raider has been in there for a year games stay in game pass until no one playes them anymore then they get token out And all of Microsoft exclusives stay on game pass forever

  6. Johnny The truth teller

    Games stay in game pass for a long time They get token out when people stop playing them And Microsoft gives you a 2 week warning and you can buy the game with a 20% discount

  7. Johnny The truth teller

    Console sales are not important The only thing that matters is subscriptions and active users Microsoft has changed gaming forever

  8. Johnny The truth teller

    The next xbox console is going to be so powerful that PC gaming will no longer have an advantage I think that's going to hurt the PC gaming industry

  9. Johnny The truth teller

    Xbox fans who want to play with keyboard and mouse can play PC xbox people like me who love console gaming with a controller will play xbox on console

  10. Johnny The truth teller

    You're stuck in an old mindset xbox is not a console Anymore it's a platform a service like Netflix it does not matter where you play xbox you can Play on PC you can play on console or on a phone it's all xbox The Times are leaving your old mindsets behind

  11. Johnny The truth teller

    Today I signed up for game pass Ultimate for only $15 a month I have 200 games on my console and 100 games on my PC ITS AWESOME

  12. TheDomain16

    Bought the Ultimate Game Pass, it's working on my xbox. Link it to my xbox app and it keeps telling me to buy the game pass, It is not reading my subscription….great

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