Youtube Tutorial - How To Add Custom Thumbnails To Your Youtube Videos

Youtube Tutorial – How To Add Custom Thumbnails To Your Youtube Videos

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Youtube Tutorial – How To Add Custom Thumbnails To Your Youtube Videos

In this video I show you how to add custom thumbnails to your youtube videos! This is a great way to catch a viewers attention when they are searching for a specific video! This can really make your video stand out from the others!

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hey guys welcome back again to another techguru video today we're in youtube and I'm going to be showing you how to add custom thumbnails to your videos now this feature is not available to everyone it will be in the future so if you do not have this feature as of yet do not worry about that because YouTube will be rolling this out to everyone eventually so do not worry if you do not have this feature as of yet so the first thing you want to do is go to your channel and log in and go up to your channel and click on the video manager once you are within the video manager you will see a list of your videos find the video that you want to add a custom thumbnail to and click on the edit button which is right here beside the video once you are in the editing place of YouTube what you then want to do is go down underneath where the three thumbnails are that YouTube provides you for each video there will be a button that says custom thumbnail now the maximum file size for these thumbnails is two megabytes so make sure when you create your thumbnail it is no larger than two megabytes in size so go ahead and click on the custom thumbnail option there now go ahead and find the thumbnail on your computer so you need to go ahead and have that thumbnail saved so I have one saved on my computer here that is the uninstall custom thumbnail I'm going to click on that thumbnail and then click on open once I do that it will show me that the thumbnail is now uploading onto my YouTube onto this video once it is done you will see it there below the three are the three thumbnails that are already provided to you once you have it there you will click on the blue Save Changes button up here in the top right hand corner and your video will now have a custom thumbnail again not everyone has this feature as of yet but eventually you will and this is how you go through and upload custom thumbnails for your videos and this is a great way to really Express what a video is about when someone is scrolling through YouTube and they're looking at videos the thumbnail is one of the first things that will jump out to them if this video helped you help me by clicking on the thumbs up button and like this video if you want more great content such as this subscribe to my channel for recent and most up-to-date technology tutorials and guys as always thank you so much for watching my videos and I will see you guys next time Oh

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  1. Leah Carola

    So easy to follow but I dont have a thumbnail button…. I'm trying to watch all kinds of thumbail tutorial but still I couldnt find it.. Well the struggle is real

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